Frequently Asked Questions

HYA Online counselling FAQs

Do I have to come somewhere for counselling?

Online counselling is all done via messaging. This means you can find yourself a nice quiet space where you feel safe on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or mobile device to be able to access the support of a qualified counsellor. If you do then decide you would like to try face to face counselling your counsellor can explore your options with you.

Will my counsellor call me?

From time to time it may be important for your counsellor to call you to gain further information, if this happens you will be made aware of this before hand. Most online counselling happens soley through the platform.

What happens if I press the 'I need help now' button?

A notification will flash up to your counsellor on the platform to say you may have been in crisis wanting instant support. Unfortunately we are not a crisis service however either your counsellor or admin will send you a message to see how you are within 48 working hours.

I have provided my GPs details, will my counsellor call them?

Your counsellor will call your GP if there are concerns for your safety and wellbeing.Your counsellor will let you know if she/he plans to contact your doctor and the reasons why. If your counsellor cannot get in contact with you then he/she will follow HYAs safeguarding procedures that you read when registering for online counselling.

Will my counsellor contact my parents or care-givers?

Your counsellor will only share information with your parents or care-givers if there is a risk of harm to you or someone else. Your counsellor will let you know who he/she plans to contact and the reason why following HYAs safeguaring procedures that you read when registering for online counselling.

Can I change my counselling day and time regularly?

Online counselling happens on the same day and at the same time each week for up to six weeks. If you have hoilday booked or you are unwell please let your counsellor know. If you find you can no longer attend your sessions regularly please talk to your counsellor to agree a way forward. To gain the full benefit of counselling regular attendance is encouraged.